Lavender Linen Water

Living Naturally

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Pure Lavender Living Naturally Linen Water

Floral scented water that has naturally antibacterial properties and helps to deter moths. Simply spray on to fabrics whilst they are drying or whist ironing. Can also be sprayed directly on to upholstery to freshen up. 

This bottle is plastic! (we all slip up occasionally). However instead of throwing them away it is better to make use. Because of this it is reduced - please recycle the bottle responsibly or reuse it in your own way. 

  • Ingredients- pure lavender hydrosol
  • Ethically sourced and cruelty free vegan
  • 100 ml 
  • Free from SLSs, parabens, mineral oil, palm oil, artificial additives or fragrances
  • Plastic bottle - please see above

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