Coconut Fiber Bottle Brush



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EcoCoconut natural coconut fibre bottle brush.

EcoCoconut’s brushes are made from durable coir fibre, attached to a stainless steel wire. The handles on the brushes are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled Rubber tree's grown in a plantation and at the end of their life replanted.

Coconut fibre, or coir as it is more commonly known, is a natural fibre extracted from between the hard internal shell of the coconut and the outer coat of the coconut. It is a byproduct of the coconut harvesting process, and is considered a renewable and sustainable product since new crops of coconuts can be regrown repeatedly on the same trees.

Simply rinse after each use and store in a dry place. On first few uses you may notice some loose fibres or ‘dust’ but these will reduce over time.

  • 1 x brush
  • Biodegradable 
  • Free from toxic chemicals 
  • Naturally antibacterial 
  • Made in Sir Lanka under Fair Trade practices

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